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Kevin Hawkins
2004-08-24, 18:21
The power is not going off but what I think is happening is that the player
is losing contact with the server and the displays blank when this happens -
is this Windows ? What sort of CPU speed/RAM/Library size ?

Have suffered this for a while - particularly as I have a large music
library - adding more RAM can help and making sure as much processor power
as poss is available - hitting 'search for a song' on my setup will kill all
the clients (blank displays) for 14 minutes ! There is a new database
backend being worked on that I am hopeful may resolve all these issues..


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> I helped install a squeezebox at a buddies and he is
> having problems with the hardware. He says that every
> once in a while the power seems to just go off but comes
> back on after a few moments. Has anyone else had this
> issue? It seems to me to be a hardware failure. The box
> itself is brand new and I never had this issue before.
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