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2010-07-04, 17:19
Does anyone have the correct way to access Bloomberg Radio and add it to the favorites list?

2010-07-05, 01:49
Add - Favorites

At all

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2010-07-06, 19:42
What should I ask Bloomberg to get the right link?

2010-07-07, 03:49
What should I ask Bloomberg to get the right link?

Tell them....
- Don't limit listeners to only their embedded player on their web site
- Offer links to their stream in basic MP3 and WMA that can play on any media player
- Offer direct stream URL's in http format (cut & paste into your SqueezeBox Favorites)
- Make their MP3/WMA streams available to ALL stream aggregators (ShoutCast, Live365, vTuner, RadioTime, etc..)

Send them an example like www.ReaDJ.tv, click on any of their streams and you are offered four stream formats for each stream.
MP3 (WinAmp), WMA (WMP), Real Audio, QuickTime
Using any of these one can extract the URL stream info for cut & paste.

If their web designer can't do at least some of the above to attract and maintain listeners then they need a new web designer.
Either that or they have no real interest in allowing access to their streams without their embedded player so you can see the ads.

Paul Webster
2010-07-07, 09:59
Have you tried the Bloomberg Radio entries that are already listed under "Internet Radio"?
RadioTime (large supplier of radio station info to Logitech) already has it listed.

2011-10-17, 00:14
This works on my Squeezebox Radio. I don't have any other Squeezebox hardware so I don't know about other models.

Bloomberg TV audio