View Full Version : Help - Internet Radio is Gone

2010-07-04, 13:21
Help please - I have 4 SB 3's connected to 7.5.1 of the server software. As of this morning, I can't play any internet radio favorites when connected to the server - they all play fine when I log into squeezecenter.

When I go the the webpage for on sqeezeserver, all of my faves are there, but none play. Also, "Internet Radio" is gone from the menus of all the Squeezeboxes.

Any idea on what to do? FWIW, the server software runs on a Mac (I have tried re-booting, and restarting the server).


2010-07-04, 15:59
Be sure you are signed in correctly to mysqueezebox.com You may have to log in again or change your login info.