View Full Version : Magnatune on squeezebox server 7.5 ?

2010-07-02, 14:51
I have been playing arround with squeezebox center and everything (just bought a touch and a second hand SB classic. Very happy).

And I would really love to have maganatune on the squeezebox... has anyone been able to make the magantune plugin work on squeezebox server 7.5+ (http://magnaslim.sourceforge.net/).

I installed it manually chaging the version number but I don't get a mangatune menu...

2010-09-11, 05:19

I played with magnaslim today. I changed maxVersion ... even changed some code, but I couldn't success to enable Magnatune in Menu on web interface.

Actually Magnatune works if open custom URL like: is my FreeNAS server, and xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is my Squeezebox Boom Mac address

From setting you can even add menu on your player, but not in Squeezebox Server menu.

I'll be happy if someone fix magnaslim plugin for Squeezebox 7.5.x versions