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2010-06-27, 10:50
Why do my Shoutcast favorites which I have saved from MyApps keep breaking?

Does Shoutcast hate me? LOL.

Seriously, every couple of weeks seems like I lose my favorite. Keep getting a ERROR: No Item found in Playlist message on screen. Have to go back to MyApps and set it up again IF I can find it. Seems they change streams???

Cannot find Avro Light Classical High Definition (320 kbps) at the moment but can listen to it thru Winamp?

Anyone can enlighten me?

2010-06-27, 11:47
Unfortunately, this is one of the stupid silly things that will always keep Internet Radio out of the main stream.
Stations themselves change their stream URL's and/or stream aggregators like ShoutCast change their URL for that stream (usually more often than the station itself).
All on a whim, no reason nor logic.

Imagine how soon people would stop listening to the radio's in their cars if there local stations moved around the dial every couple of weeks?

You will just have to keep changing these in your Favorites.
Go to Internet Radio > Search > Avro and replace your current station URL.

2010-06-27, 13:28
Thanks for the reply.

I couldn't find it again searching Shoutcast. I've had it with them anyway, that's ridiculous. However it was very easy to search by bitrate there.

Found it searching Radiotime and am once again basking in 320 bliss. We'll see how long it lasts.

No 'Internet Radio' search on Ipeng and was too lazy to get out of the easy chair.

Are you telling me pay services are the same?


Thanks Toby

2010-06-27, 16:49
No, pay services don't seem to do this, that I am aware of.
I've had some Favorites links to Last.fm, Pandora, Napster, Slacker for a long time and they always seem to work.

If you think ShoutCast is bad, try the free version of Live365, now there is a streaming disaster! ;)

2010-06-27, 21:49
I've had good luck finding streams on Shoutcast I like then googling to find their website, where I can usually find their direct URL, then input that into my favorites manually. No more broken faves for me. Stupid shoutcast....

Pandora favorites work great - never break, at least in my experience -- even with their free acct.

Rhapsody favorites work great too.