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2004-08-24, 07:37
>>>> dave (AT) davidrodger (DOT) com 8/24/2004 10:03:06 AM >>>
>James writes:
>> One thing I did consider is logging the play details into a history
>> that could then be processed independently - for people who run
>> server on UNIX but want to use iTunes.=20
>> I'm not really sure what sort of setup people have that want to use
>> plugin - any suggestions appreciated.
>Yes, please. My desired configuration (not there yet, but soon I
hope) is
>Slimserver running on my Linux fileserver, with a shared drive that my
>accesses. I'd use iTunes for ripping and listening at the PC, but
Slim for
>the rest of the house. Having a way to keep things in sync (even if
>meant running a batch process on the PC to do the iTunes OLE stuff)
>would be excellent!

This is exactly what I do. I have a PC running Windoze and iTunes.
I have a linux machine running samba that I've pointed my WinXP
machine running iTunes to (//server/music/) and my SlimServer
is running on that box, the music directory Slim is looking at
is //mnt/music and the iTunes directory is configured for
the same.