View Full Version : tweak Sync settings per *STREAM*?

2010-06-26, 20:47
I have a problematical stream driving me nuts with sync problems - I'm sure the bug will get fixed eventually, but would like to do something about it now. It's 100ms off (SB3 needs a 100ms delay vs. Touch) For all music (streams, Pandora, MP3's), it's in sync. For a single stream, it's 100ms off. It's just enough to drive me bonkers, and my WAF has gone WAY down!

Anyone know of a hack where I can throw in code like:

If (now_playing == "problem stream.m3u")
SB3_Kitchen_Player_Audio_Delay = 100ms;
SB3_Kitchen_Player_Audio_Delay = 0ms;


I don't care if I have to hard-code it, honestly, since it's pretty obscure.


2010-06-27, 00:47
Which encoding does the stream use?

2010-06-27, 08:47
Which encoding does the stream use?

48kbps MP3, 24khz, I believe. I believe it's related to this bug I filed (it's in 7.5 nightlies, and 'fixed' in 7.6 nightlies, but I think this 100ms out of sync is a side effect of the bugfix). I figure it'll get fixed when 7.6 development gets rolling more, but for now I've had to pull my Touch from the living room -- NPR is on about 50% of the time in my house, 25% kids music, 20% Pandora, 5% my music. :-)


If you know somewhere in the code I can slip a hack -- much appreciated!