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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-24, 06:57
Thanks for your answer.

I am new with SB and only installed Slimserver as default.

The problem is that nothing is happening, not even message.

When I do a search I get the tune. But when I click on this tune, it starts
search and I get a message translated from Swedish “The page can´t be
shown”. The same message you get when you don´t get a internet site.

At the bottom of the screen it says “opens page http://locahost:9000/” and
this is repeating trying to open a page without success.

I then have to stop and restart Slimserver.




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Sometimes the rescanning can take a while.... Are you using the default
skin? it ought to update itself.

To add another question to this topic, while ther slimserver skin says its
re-scanning, does it ever tell you the re-scan is complete?

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I have a problem with the rescan.

I added a CD rip to mp3 to my music library. Since I didn´t see it in the
SB´s list I tried to do a rescan Music folder library. It did´t even start
and no CD was added.

I have Slimserver version 5.2.1.

Please advise what to do.

Kind Regards