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2004-08-24, 06:51
My Library is about half the size of yours - roughly about 4,300 tracks. I noticed the problem most this morning, while getting ready for work. I noticed that the tracks would stop at exactly 29 second everytime, and then restart 5 seconds later.

The Server PC is an Athlon XP2000 with 1gig of RAM, and it's most of the time just used for Slimserver and as a print server.

I've left iTunes running.

When I get home I'll have a look for the log.

"Craig, James (IT)" <James.Craig (AT) morganstanley (DOT) com> wrote:
Hi Philip,
does this happen when iTunes is already open?
I know that starting it from scratch can take a while but once iTunes is open it should be pretty quick.
The track updates generally take less than half a second on my system (8000 track library) even if the track name matches with a lot of tracks (eg 'intro').

I'm also surprised that this happens in the middle of the next track - it should only happen between tracks.
Could you send me the SlimServer log file?

One thing I did consider is logging the play details into a history file that could then be processed independently - for people who run their server on UNIX but want to use iTunes.
I'm not really sure what sort of setup people have that want to use this plugin - any suggestions appreciated.



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One problem with the plug-in though is that (for me anyway) it causes playback to freeze 29 seconds into the next track while it updates iTunes. This usually takes about 5 seconds to complete. This is a shame, as the play count updating feature is something that I have wanted for some time. Can the plug-in be made to update iTunes when the player is put into standby? Or possibly extend the update interval?


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