View Full Version : New display arrived - GET ONE NOW!!!

2004-08-24, 03:30

I just want to report that my display upgrade finally arrived (thanks to the
valiant efforts of Kevin Hawkins!) and was installed in 5 mins.

For anyone who is not sure whether to bother with the upgrade I would say


It's not just a cosmetic upgrade; the improvement to usability is massive -
I can now use my squeezebox from across the room without having to get up
and move closer to be able to see the display.

My only niggle with the Squeezebox since getting it was the rather ugly
display, especially on the large font. The new graphic display is a massive

Now, if only the volume issue could be sort out... :o)


Haisam K. Ido
2004-08-24, 05:05
Does the new display work with the old slimp3?

Peter von Weisz
2004-08-24, 07:10
As stated earlier, it does not. The Slimp3 does not have the computing
power to drive the hi-res display.


Haisam K. Ido wrote:

>Does the new display work with the old slimp3?