View Full Version : Wireless Gone ?

John Markham
2004-08-24, 01:41
Help !

ok, I have been running my Squeezebox for about 2 months now. The wireless
connectivity seemed to work fine until recently when it kept loosing
connection with the server ( Slimserver 5.2.1 - Windows 2003 Server).

I have cheked, double cheked and triple checked the wireless network
settings, and I cannot get it to connect. I have moved SB to be in the same
room as other wireless devices which ARE connected successully to my

If I connect the SB via ethernet, then it works...

Any suggestions guys ?



Nalle Johansson
2004-08-24, 09:16
Sometimes when I restar my devices (I have 11 of them with
Firmware 33) my boxes recive a IP via DHCP but no gateway.
After a restart with static IP and I enter gateway myself
efterthing is ok - even with dhcp next time - but after a
few boot - the gateway is again.

I have tryed the boxes in 2 separate networks with diffrent

Any idé?
Have anyone else this problem?

Bästa hälsningar/Best Regards
Nalle Johansson