View Full Version : Problems with iTunes and mp3 files on a network drive

Alexander Niepel
2004-08-24, 01:39

I got my first Squeezebox a few weeks ago (I'm awed!) and since I manage
all my music with iTunes I wanted the slimserver to use the iTunes
library as well.

All my mp3 files are stored in a folder on my local hard disknetwork
drive which is mapped to a drive letter on my Windows XP desktop
computer which is also running the slimserver 5.2.1. Now when I set
slimserver to use iTunes instead of scanning my music folder it won't
add any music to its database.

Only when I connect the drive with the music files (which is an external
hard drive) directly to my desktop (without any mapping) slimserver
detects the music and will add it to its library.

Any comments?