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Ben Gladstone
2004-08-23, 00:16
the 21 aug nightly seems to have cured the crashes i was seeing (no
doubt posting such a comment will still break it ;)

if there's a problem with 'bad' tracks, shouldn't the server be able to
handle them without breaking?


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I took all the music out of the library that I had added this year and
so far so good. I did notice that the server is faster now, so I may
have had a bad track as Jason suggested.
Thanks Jason!

Ben Gladstone wrote:

yes - i'm getting regular (daily+) crashes, either at random or
when for instance the sleep function turns off

error logs usually end
"Undefined subroutine &PerlSvc::stopServer called at
slimserver.pl line 42."
or "Perl interpreter failed."
Windows XP Pro SP1 / SlimServer_v2004-08-16.exe


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--- Jeff Pound <jfpound (AT) zeno (DOT) math.fsu.edu>
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I had Slimserver running on RH7.3 Linux for a year with no
suddenly it started crashing every few days. I reinstalled it
withthe latest
REV but no better. I switched it to my Windows2000 machineand it
is more stable
but slower and I just noticed that it died afterabout a week.
Any suggestions
of how I can get morestability/performance? preferably with
Linux but I'll
gladly takeWindows suggestions too

If it was stable for a long time, it is probably something you
added to
your library that's causing the crash. I'd remove half the files
added since the crashing began. If it is still stable, keep
moving files
back in until you find the culprit.