View Full Version : Internet Radio Option Gone From Menu...

2010-06-16, 17:26
All was fine and then all of a sudden it is gone...music library is fine...just no option to go to Internet radio.

And when I use "Favorites" to try to play my favorite station, I get the following message: "There was an error loading the remote feed for RadioIO 80s New Wave: (Couldn't resolve IP address for: opml.radiotime.com)"

2010-06-16, 18:13
Your internet connection was down (or unavailable to the server) at the time of SqueezeBoxServer startup.

Make sure the connection is available, then restart SB server.

2010-06-21, 18:22
Thanks...bssed on your reply, I realized that I had changed the setting in the Status tab in the Squeezebox Control Panel from "Automatically Run at Log In" to "Automatically Run at Start Up"...likely the Squeezebox Server was starting up BEFORE the Internet was connected. Once I switched it back to starting up at log in (in other words, later), it worked fine.

Thanks again,