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2010-06-16, 12:36
I have just performed a factory reset of Duet controller and receiver in an attempt to reinstate album art (big mistake!)

Set up is hybrid mode and I cannot get to set up the receiver. On my controller I get to the set up receiver message section and can see my squeezebox listed however when I press the button to proceed it does not move on (there is also a skip this step option but when selected this will not move on either).

On squeezebox server it says my player is not found.

Red light on receiver is slow blinking (waiting to be configured to my network)

I welcome any advice/help



2010-06-16, 15:25
Your are not the only one having trouble with this, lately. See the Duet section of the forum. In short, most common solutions/workarounds have been downgrading Squeezeboxserver (and promting an older version of the controller's firmware) or use the Udap-Net configuration tool).

I suspect there is a bug in SBS 7.5.x.


Ron Olsen
2010-06-16, 15:25
I ran into this problem when running a 7.5.1 nightly with the r8847 Duet Controller firmware. I suspect it is also an issue with the official 7.5.1 and the r8837 controller firmware.

I found that reverting to SBS 7.5.0 with the r8673 controller firmware fixed the problem.

A bug should be filed against the r8837 controller firmware if one does not already exist.

2010-06-17, 00:10
Thanks for the replies, but please bear with me. How do I revert to sbs 7.5.0 and what is r8673 controller firmwear. I just want to listen to some music man!

2010-06-17, 11:19
I've had this in the past, and for me plugging the receiver into a wired connection let me configure it. Then reset again let me configure it wireless. YMMV.

2010-06-18, 01:23

I've managed to revert to version 7.5.0 and all working, except I've lost all my album artwork

2010-06-21, 07:13