View Full Version : Squeezebox classic v.3 display turns off

2010-06-16, 12:26
Hi forum helpers.

Last week something went wrong with my SB3. The display turns off while music is playing, but the music keeps playing. There is no other way to turn it on again except unlugging the power cable, and plug it back in. I have of course tried using the brightness button, and now playing button without success. I have the VU meter as scrensaver.

I have had the sb3 for 3 years and have never experienced this problem before. I tried uninstalling squeezeserver 7.4 totally and installed the new 7.5 but the problems still exist. After a couple of songs the display turns off, and never comes back, and it is definanatly not a loose connection, as i've tried to shake player. When the player is turned of with time and date screensaver there is no problem. The problem is only when i start the music, and sometimes when i scroll through my music folder it turns off.

Could this be caused by a bad power supply? Except the display turn off, everything is working fine, and i can use the web based squeezecenter to change music.

I hope someone can help, or maybe someone had the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It's almost the same problem as: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=67937&highlight=Display+turns although nothing happens pressing the brightness button, or even changing screensaver in settings on the web server. It's only possible to wake the display again by unplugging the power cord. It's weird that it only turns off on activity on the display which makes me wonder if something is wrong inside the SB3

2010-06-18, 15:13
I found the root cause of the problem today. I tried thinking back what changes i have made to the network recently, and last week i did have a lot of packet loss on my wireless network, so i've changed the wireless channel from 6 to 1, and after reading some post about wireless inteference from neighbours equipment, causing squeezebox display to stop working. So i tried to switch back to channel 6, but the problem was still there. I have now connected the squeezebox to the ethernet and the problem is gone. I think maybe i can have the wireless work again if dismount the wireless card from the print card physically, and mount it again, but i haven't tried this yet, i am just happy my display is working again. I hope this workaround can help others, who could ran in to this problem.