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2010-06-16, 11:05
I've been enjoying my Squeezebox2 in the kitchen for years, but it's been housed in an adjacent room, not visible from the main listening location. Problem being the Denon DRA-295 receiver is just too big and deep to live in the kitchen. Speakers are 15yo Polk 3-way that sit sideways atop the 12" deep wall cabinets, and sound great to me.

After buying and returning one of the new 50watt per ch T-Amps from PartsExpress, I ordered an Audiosource Amp 100, based on recommendations from this community. I built a shelf that tightly houses the Amp 100, while allowing free airflow thru the vents. I followed this forum post to under-cabinet mount the SB2:
The results are great. The SB2 can be controlled from anywhere in the room and the display is easily viewed.

BTW, the PartsExpress DTA-100 sounded clear and highly detailed at moderate volumes. However, with the SB2 at 100% and the DTA-100 VC at 50% or greater, very unusual distortion was clearly audible. Not at all like a class AB amp being over-driven, much nastier, sounding like snaps and pops. PartsExpress was great and issued an RMA, saying the amp must be defective. In any case, it was not able to play near loud-enough without distortion.

In comparison, the AMP 100 does a fine job. It may not be quite as crisp and detailed as the DTA-100, but the sound is clear, clean and distortion free right up to max volume on both the SB2 and AMP 100, which is ridiculously loud. To my non-golden ear, it sounds superb. I just ordered a 2nd Amp 100 for my Patio SB Classic setup. For me, the input-detect auto-on feature of the Amp 100 works perfectly. I've not had it ever turn off when playing music, no matter how softly. Turn-off delay is substantial, somewhere between 5 and 10-minutes of no signal input, so no fear of the amp switching off between tracks. Turn-on delay is minimal.