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2004-08-22, 13:03

The stream I first played was BBC Play again radio 4 Andy Kershaw, then pressed the pause button, left arrow, then AlienBBC, followed by BBC London Cahrlie Gillet show.

Typically, after I sent the last mail, the stream decided to work, but that was maybe after 10-20 mins.



Jules Taplin
2004-08-22, 13:19
Hi Waldy.

Yes - it's a pretty big rebuild. The good news is, though, that it's not all my work *grin*. There's nothing like a bit of help to keep you going ;)

Basically... the 'Operation would block' happens when the transcoder proxy has more data to send, and slimserver isn't accepting any more. So... rather than hang the entire transcoder waiting for that one stream to sort it's life out, it simply neglects to send the data.

Normally - it happens if you pause a stream for too long, or a squeezebox dies, or similar.

Can you give me more details of how you managed to make it happen? Which streams were you playing? And was this as a playlist of two items, or did you interrupt one stream to start another?

-- Jules


>Looks like loads of work put into this, many thanks!

>Initially all looks fine, selecting & playing a selection works, however
>I'm getting an error on loading a second stream:

>Writing Bytes to
>Writing Bytes to
>Message: Stream finished (Count = 0)Finished. Setting exit semaphore

>Message: Stream finished (Count = 0)Finished. Setting exit semaphore

>Writing Bytes to
>Operation would block. Not writing.

>ps I'm running Fedora 2 linux.