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Kevin Hawkins
2004-08-22, 11:22
In my experience most US sites that do autovalidation of CC addresses dont
seem to work with UK cards. In fact I dont believe that the actual address
information is available this way to the automated systems in the US. That's
partly why eBay for example shows all non US addresses as 'unconfirmed'
still. But it is strange MoodLogic offer this via their site if this is true
- may have to be an email or something.

A quick Q on MoodLogic - if you have a large music collection beyond the 10K
track a MoodLogic sub allows you do you have to buy it multiple times or is
it just not supported ?? eg for 50K tracks is it really $200 !



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I tried to buy Moodlogic to go with my squeezebox but their site won't
accept my address, saying it is different to the address on the card. As I
just upgraded the display yesterday with the same card, so I think it is
down to poor validation of non-USA addresses. Has anyone else had this
problem? I notice the drop-down country gives the choice of UK as well as
the 4 constituent countries (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England)
but neither Scotland nor UK seems to work.

I had similar problems with Palmgear and ended up buying the same product
from Handago, I wonder if they're using the same billing company?