View Full Version : Easy tool to rework audio tracks

2010-06-12, 02:52
Hi again - often I encounter audio tracks,that needs rework because I simply do not like all of the track: e.g.

-fade them out earlier
-fade them in in the middle of the track

- some adanced feature would be nice like - cut something out of the track and combine the rest again.

In earlier times I used Goldwave for it (very old version 4.23) and it was ok, however not especially comfortable...

What do you use for such tasks?

Thanks for sharing :-)

2010-06-12, 03:31

Great solution for your dilemma. Useful for making ringtones as well. :)

2010-06-12, 04:04
Sounds great! I run Windows 7 and apparently full support comes with version 2.0 of Audacity... ??

2010-06-12, 14:24
I'm using version 1.2.4 and it does what I need it to do very well. It's been a while since I used it on XP. Haven't tried it on 7 yet...

2010-06-14, 18:41
Additionally, if your sound driver supports "stereo mix," Audacity can record whatever you are listening-to from the internet. (nod. Nod. Wink. wink.)