View Full Version : No Transporter Sound From Squeezebox Server

2010-06-11, 07:34
This is an interesting problem. I am a long time Squeezebox user, and recently acquired a Transporter. My Squeezebox has been relegated to the garage and works flawlessly playing music located on my NAS by way of the Squeezebox Server connection. It also works flawlessly playing Pandora, etc. from the Squeeze Network.

Enter the Transporter. Works great with Pandora on the Squeeze Network. Connects to the Squeezebox Server without a problem. I can browse though all my music folders. The problem is that when I try to play a track, the VU meters show that it is playing, but I get dead silence from the speakers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Randy

Long Live Pandora, Long Live SACD

2010-06-11, 09:28
I'm not in front of my transporter right now but, going from memory try settings>audio>volume>, then check to see if the volume is "set/fixed" @ zero.

2010-06-11, 15:50
Try a Xilinx reset

* Disconnect the power
* Press and hold "1" on the remote
* Reconnect the power
* Release the "1" button when you see "Programming xilinx" on the screen

2010-06-12, 06:44
The Xilinx reset worked like a charm. I am very grateful.