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2010-06-07, 15:01
Thought I'd post some pics of my new server/player setup for the playroom.

I needed a box to tidy away the main modem/wireless network router and somebody was throwing away a 70's HMV Stereomaster. The turntable was knackered and in the way, so it's gone. Where it's belly was, there's:
- a 500Gb harddrive containing all my flac/mp3 and pictures,
- the Netgear modem/router,
- a SB receiver.


Where its platter was, I keep a few bottles and a couple of glasses. I've taken out the lining to show my lovely wiring job. Rest assured, this is normally hidden under some felted MDF. Proper job...


Controls include a surround sound switch for disabling 2.0 and changing over to 1.0 (labelled MONO). The SHAPE button seems to be the precursor of the many "bass boost" options now mandatory on several bits of kit. Now we know who is to blame for this pointlessness.


Server is installed on the O2 Joggler (Ubuntu server 7.5) which provides a handy photoframe and touchscreen control. Although I use the Controller just as much. It is beaming out to another SB Classic on the main stereo. This has a rather ugly USB plug on the side, that I need to do something about (as the rest of the setup is so lovely).

Have to say, this is a nice piece of furniture and is very easy on the ears. Listening to Nina Simone at the moment and she sounds right to me through the Stereomaster's teaky loveliness.


Mr. Floppy
2010-06-09, 01:03

craig strong
2010-08-05, 02:08
Wow, my mum bought that exact same radiogram back in the day!

Nice pic of the legendary Mr Wilson there too!