View Full Version : 5.2.1: Slimserver stops streaming sound butotherwiseappears fine

Simon Turner
2004-08-21, 09:09
This problem has now resurfaced for the first time since I left my original
post. The difference this time is I can't get rid of it. I have powered down
the Squeezebox and even rebooted the PC hosting the problem version of
Slimserver but still the Squeezebox outputs are silent.

SlimServer version 5.3.0b1, firmware 32, signal strength 70%, other details
are the same as below.

To all intents and purposes everything works fine except there is no music
coming out of the analog, digital or headphone outs. The progress bar
...err... progresses, Flac.exe appears to be doing it's stuff.

I use two Slimservers with my Squeezebox, one for solely lossless (flac)
files and one for all files (flac and mp3). The second Slimserver continues
to work perfectly.

Whilst I've been writing this I've been testing by swopping between the two
Slimservers. My faulty Slimserver only serves Flac files. However, as a test
I added an MP3 to the Music Folder. It made no noise either. However, when I
switched my Squeezebox to use my faulty Slimserver and played the MP3 first
(i.e. before playing a flac file) it did play... for a few seconds... then
it cut in and out a few times in quick succession and then stopped making
any noise whatsoever. The progress bar continued to progress.

At this moment I have no sound from my lossless Slimserver installation so
am in a position to test anything if required. However, I'd like to
reinstall the Slimserver as soon as I can as I am sure this will cure my

To answer Deans questions below:
I cannot reproduce the problem at will.
I am not doing anything when it happens. It either happens when I switch
from one Slimserver to the other or perhaps if I come back to the problem
Slimserver after having left it paused for a time (could be between 4 hours
and a week).
It does not suddenly occur as I am listening to music.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

> Hi Simon,
> I see a couple of reports like this. Do you know of any way to
> reproduce this problem? Anything you are doing when this happens? Are
> you listening to music when it happens or is your player off?
> -dean
> On Jul 12, 2004, at 1:44 PM, Simon Turner wrote:
> > I have had this problem ever since I installed 5.2.1 and I may have
> > had it
> > since 5.2. I definitely did not have it before the new firmware.
> > Every now and again SlimServer stops streaming any sound. Everything
> > appears
> > to be working just fine (even slim.exe appears to be running) and to
> > all
> > intents and purposes the Squeezebox is operating correctly... but I
> > can't
> > hear anything, not through the headphone out, the analogue out or the
> > digital out. When I am using Softsqueeze as well it too is silent (in
> > fact I
> > originally thought Softsqueeze was causing the problem but for the
> > last 5
> > days I've avoided using it and the "silence" problem has since occurred
> > twice).
> >
> > The only way I can get SlimServer to transmit sound again is to stop
> > the two
> > slim processes and then restart SlimServer.
> >
> > Is this a known problem?
> >
> > XP Pro (lots of RAM, processor etc)
> > Wireless (signal strength usually about 60%), Belkin
> > SlimServer 5.2.1 (or maybe a later nightly)
> > Firmware: 29
> > No iTunes of Moodlogic
> > No extra plugins
> > Softsqueeze
> >

> >
> >