View Full Version : Receiver stuck in 'Red light flashing slowly' state

2010-06-04, 14:32
Hi all,

I've run out of options... :(
For the past few days i've been successfully running a squeezebox setup consisting of the Squeezeserver (Freenas), 2 x Receivers, 1 x Squeezebox Boom and a Squeezebox Duet. **This has been working perfectly.**.

This morning I awake to find that one of my receivers is not working and instead is just displaying a slow flashing red light.

I've tried to remedy this in various ways as follows:
1) Reset by holding down the button on the front (for up to a minute). No change.
2) Disconnecting power for 1 minute then reconnet. - No change.
3) Try connecting to my laptop via ethernet cross over cable - no network lights appear on port.
4) Restart Squeezeserver - no change
5) Restart Wireless router - no change
6) Move my receiver to another room in case it was getting interference from another device. (Even plugging it in right next to the working receiver hasn't helped).

I noted the router does not give out an IP Address to this device.

Does anyone have any ideas what else I could try? Has it died? (Hope not... just spent 4 months waiting for a replacement remote).

Cheers all,

2010-06-04, 16:23
Have you tried re-running the setup procedure with the Controller (remote)? The flashing red light indicates it is in a "setup" mode, so it may be waiting for the controller to help configure it. Do you still have the setup procedure?

2010-06-05, 00:26
Thanks for the prompt response. I'm not prompted for any setup or configuration through the remote (I recall this was pretty straight forward the first time). What is the procedure for re-configuring/setting up a receiver via the remote? Does this require that the remote is reset to factory settings?

I've tried selecting 'Choose Player' however I only see the two other squeezeboxes (2nd receiver and boom).


2010-06-05, 18:02
This is just a guess - but try going into the choose network page - advanced settings->networking->choose network.

It used to be that you had to reset the controller - but I think something else works.

Maybe someone who knows for sure will answer.