View Full Version : Tag problems with slimserver

Harald Walker
2004-08-21, 07:23
> I have some problems with slimserver (v. 5.30b1)... Tags are not
> displayed correctly in the web client (and on the squeezebox) for most
> of my mp3 collection, however when I use other mp3 library tools like
> iTunes or MusicMatch, all my tags are ok.

Problem is, that special characters are not correctly encoded as entities in the HTML
.... target="status">8. Blüten Konfetti (TPolar Mix)</a>...
This should be &uuml;

Same situation in the XML Output:
<title>6. Plötzliche Kühle (Lufth Remix)</title>

According the DTD to the format should be #PCDATA and since they don't use UTF-8, entities must be used.
Surprisingly in the comment field, special characters are being encoded correctly as entities.