View Full Version : ShoutCast problems - can't get CLUB977 or SmoothJazzintheselection List

2004-08-21, 03:24

The latest nightly build of Slimserver is available here:


If a new firmware version has been released it is included in the nightly

In answer to your question, yes, it is safe to install it. However, this is
bleeding edge software, it is not release quality, so don't be surprised if
you find bugs in it - sometimes major ones! However, these usually get fixed
very quickly.

That said, I run slimserver from CVS, which is equivalent to downloading the
latest nightly everyday, and I haven't ever run into any major problems.


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> Can anyone please tell me what Nightly Build is.
> Is it a new firmware? In that case where do I find this
> firmware and how do I check what firmware I have in my Squeezebox.
> There seems to be some people who have had problems with this
> one. So is it safe to install it?
> Tore