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2010-05-31, 11:52
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let anyone know about some issues I have been having between my Squeezebox Duet & my Netgear WNR2000 router. I have now managed to cure the problem but not without a lot of trial & error.
I have only had my duet for about a month & initial setup was not a problem. It also worked perfectly for about the first week but then I encountered problems. My receiver would connect to my network fine but if my computer had been off & then turned on again the receiver & the controller would not find my music collection again. The only way I could get it to work again was to reboot my router & my computer. I initially thought it was my WLAN card or the squeezebox itself but finally put it down to my router & suspected firmware. My router was set to update firmware automatically & realised my problems started after that.
If you are having issues with any Netgear WNR2000 series routers, log on via the GUI & check your firmware version. I managed to cure my problems by manually downloading an older firmware version via the netgear support site. The version you want is the later 1.2 versions appear to cause the problem.
This may be a problem on other netgear routers so worth checking.
Very pleased to have found the problem & glad it was not a problem with my squeezebox.

Hope this helps people...


2011-06-08, 18:20
It's nearly a year since your posting TimmyTurbo but wanted to log in and say thanks b/c your solution also cured my jumpy connection issue. For years, I had a Netgear Wireless G (i can't remember the model number but it's all white) and it worked great. I recently upgraded all the hardware in the house and thought i NEEDED Wireless N. To date, The WNR2000 (refurb) had been nightmare as I enjoy listening to XM radio most evenings. I googled time and again and finally came across this posting. I reset downgraded the firmware and it didn't work right away but I came back 24 hours laters and the music hiccups were cured! So, your post is STILL helping music lovers everywhere. Thanks!