View Full Version : i-Tunes Integration with Squeezebox Server

2010-05-31, 10:22
What is relay happening when someone checks off the option to use i-Tunes with the Squeezebox server software? By this I mean, how does enabling this option effect the capabilities of the SB Server related to the known limitations with the i-Tunes software itself? If I'm not mistaken, i-Tunes can't handle the higher Bitrate recordings (ie..above 16bit /44.1khz Redbook) and will convert the songs to a lower level it can understand.

Is there any reason to believe that by tying the SB Server to i-Tunes that it will inherit any of these limitations?

Does it use use i-Tunes to play the material that was Imported from i-Tunes? Does it just use the playlist capabilities from i-Tunes to keep things in order and then just plays the material via the SB Server software?

Has anyone ever tested or noticed a downgrade in sound quality after enabling this feature?

Thanks for any info you can provide

2010-05-31, 19:41
Linking to itunes means it will find all songs in your itunes library. If you also specify a folder path to search in SqueezeBox Server this should mean that you get all songs that the SB can play plus any other songs in your itunes library not in the path scanned by SB. Songs found through itunes may also use the itunes music information for the song which may or may not be the same as the file tags.

I don't use itunes functionality but I understand you should also gain access to some playlists stored in itunes.

If you have songs itunes can't play then I would suggest that they are stored in the path scanned by your SqueezeBox as you may not find them through itunes.

I tend to turn of itunes integration as there is no gain for me.