View Full Version : RadioTime: missing two Atlanta, GA stations

2010-05-31, 09:03
I'm unable to locate 920 AM WGKA or 640 AM WGST from the list of RadioTime stations for Atlanta, GA via a Squeezebox Classic. I think 640 AM WGST is now using iheartradio and 920 AM WGKA is using Liquid Compass. Does any one have a suggestion on how to get these two stations back?

Player info:
I've got a Squeezebox Classic running firmware 130 with Squeezebox server 7.50 running on Windows Home Server.

2010-06-01, 09:50
Here's the reply I got from RadioTime Support:


They stream with AAC, in order to get it and other AAC streams you need to install the Squeezebox Server software from LogitechSqueezebox.com


I am running Squeezebox Server v7.5.0 and my Squeezebox is connected to it. If Kyle is correct and the streams are in AAC format, can the Squeezebox play this format type?