View Full Version : Sonos adds Clear Channel

2010-05-30, 16:15
Sonos has added support for iheartradio.

2010-05-31, 07:33
Reciva, an internet radio database similar to RadioTime (https://www.reciva.com/) has added support for Clear Channel stations. Reciva is the database used by several radio manufacturers like Grace (http://www.gracedigitalaudio.com/internet-radios-c-2.html) and Sangean (http://www.sangean.com/first/first.asp).ations

I think this leaves Logitech at a competitive disadvantage when they don't have support for 750+ US Radio Stations.

Logitech needs to be more proactive on this issue.

craig strong
2010-06-03, 02:34
CBS are not currently allowing their stations to be received in the UK.
K Earth 101 was a great station to listen to.

2012-06-24, 06:57
Let's see the iheartradio app on Squeezebox! It's on just about every other platform.

2012-06-24, 07:57
Let's see the iheartradio app on Squeezebox! It's on just about every other platform.

I'm always very much in favor of keeping up with these things so that SB is up to date with these station services, even for stations I don't care about. But I should point out that these requests would be much more useful if they were posted at the official Logitech SB forum. *This* slimdevices forum is only users talking to other users. Logitech doesn't officially monitor these forums.

So I suggest posts with this request at:


And if really interested in getting iheart, even a phone call to Logitech support, or email to logitech support. They do get logged, and enough of these things might cause someone to actually add this stuff. Posting only here is sorta like telling your wife that I wish the city would fix the streetlight. They might eventually do it anyhow, but it will likely happen much faster if I actually call the CITY. ;-)