View Full Version : Is my SqueezeBox screwed ? I'm running out of ideas...

2004-08-20, 17:17
does it sound this way even if you are just plugged in to the headphone jack
on the side of the squeeze? If so I would think that something in the
digital to analog decoder has gone cuckoo.


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Subject: [slim] Is my SqueezeBox screwed ? I'm running out of ideas...

Hi all,

My Squeezebox has started playing a 'warbling' sound with all of my music
during the last few weeks and I would really appreciate some help as I'm
running out of ideas.

Some Background:

My Squeezebox was using the wireless connection just fine until a few weeks
ago. But then all of my music (and I mean all) has a warbling sound. I
thought it was the wireless connection that was playing up so have spent
weeks repositioning the Wireless Access Point, trying every wireless channel
and in the end I even went out and replaced my existing Linksys access point
with a Netgear one. But nothing would stop the warbling sound (making the
Squeezebox unusable).

Tonight in desperation I have totally removed the wireless link from the
equation and moved my Squeezebox (and Amp) to my office so that I can plug
it into my home lan. To my surprise even running on the lan I am getting
the warbling sound.

I have tried the v5.2.1, v5.3.0b1 and 15th August nightly build versions of
the Slimserver and still get the problem. I've also now installed the
Slimserver on three PC's at home (in case the PC is at fault) and still get
the problem.

The music I'm getting the problem with used to work fine so I don't think it
is a problem with my music files. Just to check I had someone in work give
me some MP3 files and they are also warbling on the Squeezebox.

I've connected to the Slimserver using Winamp and the music sounded fine on
my PC with no warbling..

I'm starting to run out of ideas here and am wondering if I could have a
Squeezebox which has gone faulty ? Anyone have any ideas on anything else I
can try ?

If it is a faulty Squeezebox then I'm in the UK so not sure how I get it
repaired ?