View Full Version : Does anybodies server crash often?

Jason Holtzapple
2004-08-20, 16:20
--- Jeff Pound <jfpound (AT) zeno (DOT) math.fsu.edu> wrote:
I had Slimserver running on RH7.3 Linux for a year with no problems,then
suddenly it started crashing every few days. I reinstalled it withthe latest
REV but no better. I switched it to my Windows2000 machineand it is more stable
but slower and I just noticed that it died afterabout a week. Any suggestions
of how I can get morestability/performance? preferably with Linux but I'll
gladly takeWindows suggestions too

If it was stable for a long time, it is probably something you added to
your library that's causing the crash. I'd remove half the files you've
added since the crashing began. If it is still stable, keep moving files
back in until you find the culprit.