View Full Version : SB3 power socket loose, U.K. repairs?

2010-05-29, 05:43
My beloved SB3 (Slim Devices wireless version) has a problem, I first noticed a loose connection at the psu input socket not long after purchase, and contacted Slim Devices. I didn't pursue it any further as the unit was powering up o.k. but since I have unplugged it often to use it in different locations the socket is now unusable and the plastic insert has broken and fallen into the unit.

I had always assumed it was a fault with the psu itself and replaced it. Annoyingly the SB has been fine but now a small broken piece of plastic prevents me from using it.

If anyone knows of a repairer in the U.K. pleas could you let me know, thanks :).

2010-05-30, 08:16
Speak to Brent here http://www.audioupgrades.co.uk/squeezebox.shtml he will be able to sort it out.

2010-05-30, 08:24
Thanks very much.