View Full Version : actiontec help?

2010-05-28, 19:50
I have a FIOS system at my house. The main router is downstairs and I had been getting my internet via the wireless signal. It was OK, had the occasional drop out, and my bandwidth got a little constricted when a couple of the other folks that live here would start streaming/downloading stuff over the same wireless signal.

Since I am getting a SQ touch soon, I thought that things would work best if I had both it and my computer/SB server wired up via ethernet. After doing a little digging, it seemed as though using moca was an obvious choice to get a wired system upstairs. I bought a used actiontec mi424wr (rev a) and hooked it upstairs. I got it instead of one of the new moca router solutions because this has a built in 4 port ethernet switch. Here's where the problem is... The wireless works great, it is noticeably faster than before, but the wired part only works at all if I set it down to 10mbs! If I set the ethernet ports to "auto" or 100mbs, the ethernet LAN light just blinks and I can't even ping the router! Once I set it back to 10mbs, it works fine but slower than my wireless signal. Any ideas on how to get the ports working on auto or 100mbs? Any help you could send my way would be appreciated!