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2010-05-28, 12:28
I have some issues with my SSOTS installation on a TS-239 Pro with Squeeze Server 7.5 crashing every 2 weeks or so. If I remember correctly I installed a beta version of SSOTS 4.8 to run SuperDateTime v5.8.5 which required SS 7.5.0. Well, my SSOTS About screen shows v4.8, but when I look at QNAP "QPKG - SSOTS" v4.6 is indicated. I think this mismatch happened because I did a command line install of SSOTS 4.8 per instructions in this forum.

I have also attached the server log which has some mysql and other errors. I don't see an explicit reason in the log for Squeezebox Server crashing.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me correct these problems.



Hard-/Firmware : QNAP TurboStation TS-239 / 3.2.4 build 0315T
Load / Uptime : 0.01 0.05 0.03 / 46d 05.37:30 (0% idle)
Memory -- Swap : 681/1008 MB (shr: 0, buf: 64, cache: 133, rss: 484) -- 18/518 MB


Version : 7.5.0-30464
Process status : PID 9554, state S (sleeping)
Memory usage : 280 MB total, 273 MB (98%) RSS
Uptime : 2d-05:28:56, 03:35:35 (6.7%) CPU time
SSOTS/SBS flags: noupnp port9001 en_GB.UTF-8


Version : 5.1.36-log (system mysqld)
Database size : 85M
Process status : PID 9628, state S (sleeping)
Memory usage : 26 MB total, 19 MB (76%) RSS
Uptime : 2d-05:28:53, 00:54 (0.0%) CPU time

2010-05-28, 12:43
I just realized the instructions were from the Qnap forum for SSOTS so check there too.

2010-06-13, 10:02
Before you update your're ssots first remove old one, then install new one. That's why old version still shows up. Didn't remove it.