View Full Version : Squeezebox server will not scan/My Squeezebox.com

2010-05-27, 10:52
I have been having a few problems with SB server and MySqueezebox.com.

The server will not scan my playlists or collection.I have downloaded the server software several times to remedy this but now even this fails to address the problem.

Another problem is that listening to Internet radio via mysqueezebox.com is that it is constantly rebuffering. I had thought it was my ISP or my router and have changed router and asked my ISP to check the line. It does not rebuffer when the server is running.

I have had SB3 for 3 years now and have found it exasperating at times, but have stuck with it, but find these problems maddening. I am running W7.

Does anybody have any ideas or has had similar problems?I am reasonably technically able and would like to get back to normal.


The Capn