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2010-05-27, 00:31
Hi - I'm on holiday in Europe using local wifi connections to listen to internet radio via my laptop and Boom. All works well - except I can't get any BBC stations on the Boom using either the native SS 'Internet Radio' links or the iPlayer plugin. I get a message reading 'connecting' then 'stopped.' The streams play fine directly on the laptop using BBC iPlayer, so I guess I must have a server setting wrong somewhere. Has anyone got any ideas?

2010-05-27, 01:03
That's an BBC restriction to some of their channels, I'm not from UK so I don't have the details.
Maybe you can tune in the some of their other more low res streams .

2010-05-27, 01:43
As i understand it (and I am no expert here!) thee are low bit rate (56kbps) versions of the streams that work outside the UK. Your Boom favorites are probably set to the BBC iplayer 128kbps streams, which won't play - if you navigate to the BBC through the Radio Stations menu you should be OK.

iPlayer on your laptops knows where you are and is playing the appropriate streams. You wioll not have access to plauy it agan outside the UK ...

Hope this helps.


2010-05-27, 02:00
BBC iPlayer plugin will work outside the UK if you go down through the menus. Favorites will be using UK only URLs.

There are no MP3 streams outside UK only WMA and Flash/AAC so if you have set the plugin to play MP3 streams only - it will fail. Your best chance is with WMA.

Make sure you are up to date with BBC iPlayer plugin / applet as there were problems last week that needed a plugin update.

The My Apps/BBC will also play WMA live streams.

2010-05-27, 10:39
Yes, the iPlayer pluggin works outside UK. I use it every day in Cyprus.

BBC Radio will play outside UK from the iPlayer screen on a computer, BBC TV is not available.

iPlayer TV is available outside UK if you use a VPN agent to make iPlayer think you are in UK. I use


5 per month.

I am watching BBC News as I type.

I guess Spotify could be made to work outside UK via VPN. I have not tried.

2010-05-28, 02:57
Thanks to all for your suggestions. Unfortunately I haven't been able to solve the problem. I tried concentrating on the iPlayer plugin (1.1.7) with AAC and 'prefer WMA' the only selections. Squeezeserver reports connections to the lo-res (48k) feeds and suggests that they play for a few seconds then stop. On the Boom the display reads 'connecting' then 'stopped.' Annoyingly I can even get 'listen again' on the laptop but I haven't brought any headphones with me!! I thought it might be a low bitrate wifi problem but I can connect to US and European stations at up to 128k. I think it might have to stay a mystery as I go back home in three days!

2010-05-28, 03:11
Have you tried the BBC stations under My App/BBC (first install using App Gallery) ?

2010-05-28, 05:09
Have you tried the BBC stations under My App/BBC (first install using App Gallery) ?

Yes - when I select BBC I get the message 'connect timed out - bad file descriptor' after a few seconds.

2010-05-28, 09:17
Another user reported the "bad descriptor" error with BBC a while ago - it seemed to be something in the PC but it went away.

Have you tried using the Boom with Mysb.com and play the BBC stations on mysb.com - this would eliminate the PC if it is part of the problem.