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Christopher May
2004-08-20, 08:42
OR, make a top level function that plays everything (something I love to
do, why play one album and then choose something else, play them all).
And then disable the play button when at the top level of Browse X,
Search Y, etc. If play button cannot be disabled, perhaps have it act as
the right arrow, which is what it sounds like most people really mean to
push anyway...


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Michael Sigalos wrote:
> On occasion, I press the PLAY button at one of the top level menus
> (BROWSE GENRE, ARTIST, etc) and SlimServer dutifully creates a
> playlist of 4,000+ songs. Okay, to be entirely truthful, this happens

> more than occasionally. In fact, quite a lot, really. What usually
> follows is a string of harsh expletives, a long delay, the Squeezebox
> starts playing tracks that I was in no way prepared to hear, and I get

> to navigate to NOW PLAYING to erase the playlist and start over.
> So, am I the only dummy that does this more often than he would care
> to admit? Would it be possible to add a confirmation of some type
> before SlimServer adds EVERYTHING to the playlist?

I second the motion. This is actually a little nit pick I have been
meaning for a while to add to the bug/enhancement database. I suppose
the only problem is what level to restrict the confirmation to. Perhaps
don't do it on a level basis but on the number of songs that selection
would entail. I.E. user hits add/play and if there are more than say 50
songs a confirmation dialogue pops up.

Daryle A. Tilroe