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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-20, 06:30
Thanks for your answer. I discovered this also but there was still 7
stations. But when I had Shoutcast site, I right clicked on tune and got an
Shoutcast.pls which I saved in Playlist Forum. After this I got 46 stations.

There are much more stations and I don´t know to get them all.

Does anyone know if it is possible to close the stations with pop etc which
I don´t want. Please advise how to do that.


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Ämne: SV: [slim] ShoutCast problems - can't get CLUB977 or
SmoothJazzinthe selection List

On 20/8/04 at 5:15 am +0200, Tore Johnsson wrote
>Sorry to intervene. I have just bougt a SB and having some problems
>withÊ Shoutcast.
>In there site they have 7 pages with different jazz stations. In my
>SB I only get 12 out of them.
>I have tried to find how to include these other ones but have not
>I hope someone know why.

Somewhere in the settings is one for the number of Shoutcast stations
to show. I think the default is 100 or 200, and with a lot of pop and
rock stations on Shoutcast, this list gets filled up very quickly.
Increase the number (say to 2000) and you get many more stations.

That worked for me, but you may have a different problem.
Daniel Cohen