View Full Version : URLs for AAC Plus Streams

2010-05-19, 17:54
Specific URLs for AAC Plus streams can be difficult to find. I spent an hour searching for my favorite ........... SOMAFM/Groovesalad

Because this is my first post I am unable to share it with you (no pix or URLs for newbs)

How about sharing your favorites......remember the specific URL is key.

2010-05-19, 23:41
Welcome to the forum.

The SomaFM AAC streams are available through the SomaFM app.

Goto into the My Apps/SomaFM menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the list of stations. The very last entry is a sub menu "AAC Streams" which you can then access the AAC stream SomaFM stations.

The Tuner2 directory specialises in AAC+ streams and can be a good place to find AAC+ URLs.