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2010-05-18, 11:51
Hi All,

Okay, so most people on this forum might not be interested in my writeup on using squeezeboxes in my home (as you are probably already long-time customers).

I've been using squeezeboxes since rev 2 came out and owned them all (except the touch). Obviously, I'm a fan or I would have left a long time ago. I started out with the AudioTron (anyone else have one of these gems?), moved on to M-audio products (for their ASIO support), and haven't looked back since switching to SqueezeBoxes.

There are so many things that I like about the system, but perhaps the best feature is that I can centralize my music and easily enjoy it in multiple places. It also doesn't hurt that I'm an obsessive, audiophile nerd. I do think Logitech's products are getting better and hopefully more approachable to the non-enthusiast.

Towards that end, I wanted to share how I use their products as a whole house audio system.

Here are my details, for your amusement:




2010-05-19, 09:46
Nice write-up. I too love my Squeezeboxes.

Logitech have some good people and make some great products; but publicity, IMO, is not their strong point. This sort of word-of-mouth recommendation is what persuaded me to go the Slim Devices route when I made my first tentative foray into music streaming.

2010-05-22, 05:59
Very nice article! Like you I have been playing with digital audio for awhile to get to the ideal "whole-house" system. (Yes I still have an AudioTron around here somewhere.) Main difference is I haven't decided if I am going to settle on Logiteh or keep looking.

I probably would have added a few additional nits around poor roaming between WAPs for the SB Controller and no practical way to stream local sources, but I think you captured the main fact that "Logitech is still struggling with trying to reconcile the two main ways of driving your squeezeboxes (via mysqueezebox.com or via your computer)." as the biggest reason I am still on the fence about sticking with Logitech or continuing my search for the best digital multi-room solution. I am afraid their resource priorities are more focused on the features that help them compete against iPod docks for the 1 -3 player market and may not allocate much effort to improving the larger multi-room use case features.

2010-05-28, 12:14
Thanks for the feedback! The article isn't complete yet. I wanted to add a couple more write ups, first up is how SqueezeSlave nicely compliments my existing Squeezeboxen.

While SqueezeSlave isn't hard to setup, I can see that it can be challenging for non-techies.

The main issues are deciding which binary to use, selecting an audio output, and how to automatically start it at boot. Here is my walk-thru:


SqueezeSlave rocks too!