View Full Version : Vortexbox 1.3 and old IBM thinkpad?

2010-05-18, 07:20
I have an old, unused IBM R30 thinkpad (900 MHz Celeron with 256M RAM) that I am considering using to work with my SB3 and a 320g external USB HDD out in the pool area this summer.

I am wondering if Vortexbox 1.3 OS would work for me in such a setup? My demands are quite simple. There will be no network to connect too nor will there be any internet access. No ripping is required as it's all done and on my 320G USB HDD. I basically just want a setup that will allow my wife, kids and I the ability to turn on (the computer, the SB3 and the HDD) and then press the remote to play some playlisted music at the pool.

Would the VortexBox OS be a worthy candidate to work with my thinkpad as desired? Or is something else better suited?


2010-05-18, 08:35
Only issue I know of is the USB Drive as to it working right out of the gate. Memory is a bit low, but Andrew would be able to answer both of those questions/issues.

My solution would be to buy a Touch. Then all you need is the Touch and USB drive (read less stuff to take outside). Also is there no means to get WiFi or Ethernet out to the pool from the house? Sounds like there is AC power available, how about a Powerline Ethernet Adapter? This would bring your network out to the pool so you could just use your current SBS server.

I put a directional Wardriving antenna on one of my Router antenna ports to cover the pool area with WiFi so any Squeezebox I take out there has connectivity. I use a Boom for the two of us and take the A5's out for bigger groups.

2010-05-18, 11:05
Should be fine. You will need to read some docs of getting the external drive mounted at boot time. I would still recommend having an internet connection so you can also use steaming radio.

But if that's not an option a static IP address will work.

2010-05-18, 11:38
AT the risk of being a fan-boy: I've just resurrected an old Dell Core2Duo desktop using VortexBox 1.3 and it's a belting piece of kit. Everything worked for me straight away: SBS, WOL, Suspend, all the usual stuff.