View Full Version : squeezecenter-funplug 7.5 and ape files

2010-05-17, 14:16
i use squeezecenter-funplug 7.5 on a dlink dns 323 and still cannot play my ape files.it should be possible since 7.4.2.does anybody know what can i do about it?

Version 7.4.2

* Bug Fixes:
o Fixed UPnP compatibility with Simplify Media server.
o Fixed FLAC seeking on files that contain ID3v2 tags.
o Fixed sample rate detection for MPEG-4 files.
o Changed Tag Version info to display all versions of ID3 tags contained within a file.
o Added missing Monkey's Audio (APE) decoder binaries for i386 FreeBSD, i386/ARM/PPC Linux.