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2010-05-17, 07:25
I have a second hand Boom which is making me very happy ... apart from a reasonably frequent slowness in starting up. When I try and get the Boom to play internet radio to me at breakfast time, it can take many seconds to start up - I normally resort to pressing random buttons, or turning it off and on. However, on other occasions it starts instantly.

Is this due to waking up SBS on my NAS - if I haven't been using SBS all day, (or if, as in the morning scenario, my NAS has just kicked in) is there some latency here? Or is it a function of a slow NAS? Or should I do a factory reset on my Boom. Interestingly, I don't see the same lag on my Classic, although I don't use it in the morning ...

Any help/ thoughts gratefully received.


2010-05-17, 07:42
Do you connect it wirelessly? Is the wi-fi signal strong enough where this second device is located? Same wi-fi strength of the other device that works OK?

2010-05-17, 07:43
Yes, connectg wirelessly, and signal is strong where the Boom is - actually marginally closer to the router - a good 4-5 meters away ...

2010-05-17, 14:39
I'd guess the NAS plus waking the NAS.

I'd try two things to test this:
1. Try waking the NAS with the SB3, see if it seems to exhibit the slowness
2. Then try powering on Boom after NAS has been woken by SB3, see if it connects quickly

I don't use a NAS but my WiFi Boom is playing a station in about 5 seconds from power up connecting to either SBS on XP or MySB.