View Full Version : why is mp3 volume different than CD?

Howard Darwen
2004-08-19, 12:23
if you are simply comparing the volume of an MP3 with the same CD track
using the speakers on your PC, there could be various reasons ... if you're
on windows then depending on what media player you are using and how it is
set up, there can be a different volume control for MP3 (Wave) and CD (CD
Audio). if you right click on the audio icon in the task bar on the right
.... then select open volume controls, you can have a play and see what
volume controls affect what media ...

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Well, do you have a fully digital signal paths to the main amplifier?

If you are passing the signal through different analogue amplifiers then
I would be surprised if they were the same volume.

> I don't. I meant on my pc
>>>> Why is it that mp3 volume is different than the same sone played
>>>> via a CD's cda file? How does one control the volume for ripping?
>> How do you play a CDA file through the squeezebox?
>> Or are your analogue signal paths different?
>> Cameron.