View Full Version : Album tracks stopping before end

2010-05-16, 10:19
Hi all

I would be grateful if someone out there can help. I have been running squeezeboxes for about 4 years. Some problems from time to time, but overall I have been delighted with the system, and it has totally transformed the way we listen to music here at home.
My curent setup is 3 squeezebox classics connected wirelessly to a Tranquil Windows Home Server. I am running version 7.5. Playback is fine, and synchronisation works well, however over the last few weeks I have noticed an annoying problem.
When I am playing back an album, certain tracks will play fine, but every so often a track will only play for about 30 seconds, and then it jumps straight to the next track - no delay, no loss of synchronisation.
I have reripped the affected albums, but the problem persists, and when I try to play the affected tracks back through iplayer they work fine. The other odd thing is that the problem occurs at the same place each time.
All the tracks have been ripped to Apple lossless format.

Has anyone come across this before?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance