View Full Version : I might be being a bit thick here...

2010-05-16, 03:40
Sorry if I am.
Is there a way if I've synced up my Radio and SBClassic to also play the same music on my PC?
Couldn't find anything on the web console, obviously you can control them from the PC, but nothing as far as I could tell would let you listen to the music being played on them whilst they're playing on the players..

Am I explaining this right!?

2010-05-16, 03:45
The server won't play any music the player does.

You need one of the software players running on the PC

Try SqueezePlay (or Softsqueeze)

it handles just like any other player, but is running on the PC.

Note that sync won't be perfect, if you are with in earshot it could be weird.

These oftware players can be used on any PC on your network not just the one hosting the server.