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2010-05-15, 18:23
I love my squeezebox, but am getting to the point where I detest the software.

Had to reinstall Windows, all good. Try to get my squeezebox setup, not so good. I am now stuck in this loop where it wants to set up a squeeze network. Right now I don't care about that, but I can not get out of that mode. I can not get back to setting up/detecting my network.

Software can not find my player either, but one thing at a time.

Can someone please tell me how to get out of setting up squeeze network, and set up my network?

Many thanks.

2010-05-16, 03:36
What version of the server are you trying to (re)install?

In all honesty, it would be much easier to simply setup an account whether you would use it or not.
In three years of having a SqueezeNetwork (now MySB) account I think I've received a total of six emails from Logitech.

2010-05-16, 08:03
I unistalled squeeze center, installed sqeeze server.

Entered my email and password in the control center. That does nothing to help me get my squeeze box out of the loop it is stuck in.

So, how do I insert the @ symbol in my email address on my squeezebox, so I can continue on with the setup?

Did the programmers do this on purpose, so we are forced into signing up?

Thanks for any help.

2010-05-16, 11:19
Pressing the '1' key multiple times should give you the '@'


2010-05-16, 11:31
Depending on which SB player you are using, connecting the player directly to SBS will auto-register that player via SBS.
This will work on Boom and SB3. This will not work on Touch & Radio.

If a Boom or SB3 you should be able to force the BACK button to setup and choose SBS.
At least I think that's how I had done it in the past (been quite a while).

2010-05-16, 15:41
Thank you, that did get me out of that loop. Squeezebox still will not connect to squeeze center, but at least I am out of that loop.

I will start another thread if I can't get the box to connect to center.

Thanks for the help.