View Full Version : any Japanese users of slimserver/squeezebox on this list?

Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-08-19, 10:58

So how do we make a character font for other languages?


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> I think there are enough people interested to have this topic stay
> "on-list", even if it isn't for Japanese then for other langauges.
> Also on list discussions are archived and people will be able to keep
> track of progress better.

I agree. Also, there are experts here who can offer advice.

> I'm not a native Japanese speaker but I am willing to help out if I
> can.
> One problem I see right away is that fonts are bitmaps fonts and to
> store all the Kanji characters as well as the small 100 or so
> hiragana/katagana characters would make the font file very big. More
> so if you try to support Chinese.

I'm not worried about the size of the font file. The only part that may
involve some manual labor is going through and tweaking the characters
to make them look good. Our alphabet by comparison is much simpler,
uglier, and easier to deal with on a computer screen.

> Although I would love to get a squeezebox easily in Japan, I think
> that distribution in Japan is dead in the water if it can't display
> Japanese song titles. Imagine all the complaints of the mojibake
> titles.

I agree - but notice we do ship to Japan already. ;)

Nick Silberstein
2004-08-19, 12:24
Regarding Japanese fonts, a number are available here in various formats:


Search for 'fonts'.

More fonts are available here:


Slimserver's existing fonts are in .bmp format:


bdf files can be converted to bmp with a 'bdf2bmp' utility (link is
broken, but file is available elsewhere):


ttf files can be converted to bmp with 'ttf2bmp':


Mind you, I have never used these utilities, this is just the result of
some searching. I'm not sure if the bmp files produced with the
utilities above are compatible with the format that Slimserver expects.

Sean/Dean, any tips on producing these font files?