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2010-05-15, 13:08

I love my Squeezeboxes, largely because of the system's flexibility, but one thing I've never understood is why the duration of alarms is restricted to only 90 minutes. The only way I've found to set a longer duration (since a recent update "fixed" a way you could get around this in the SBS web interface ;)) is to edit the conf file on the server (which does work, strongly suggesting what might be guessed anyway: this is an interface only restriction).

I realise the slider that is married to this box has to have a limited run or it will be impossible to use it to select times precisely, but other than this (which is a restriction imposed by the way the UI is designed, not by any usability issue with the devices themselves), I can't see why the duration has to be restricted in this way. I certainly think that 90 minutes is too short a time: if there has to be a restriction it should be longer than almost anyone might possibly want.

To get around the slider problem, there are two things that spring to mind:
1. Make the slider logarithmic rather than linear, so as it gets further to the right, the increments get larger (I've done this in the past and if you get the curve right it's very effective).
2. Pick a value for the slider to stop at (90?) but let users type any value (or a up to some larger value - 8 hours? 12?) in the text box.

I have an alarm set for two hours in the morning (time between waking up and starting work). Surely I can't be the only person who could use a longer duration? This seems to me to be a relatively simple feature with no real downside and a modest but real upside.

2010-05-18, 03:20
Do you mean the Alarm Timeout? Set it to 0 and it will play for as long as you like until you manually stop it

2010-05-18, 05:06
Yes, I think that's the parameter - thanks for your help.

I know you can do this. Call me lazy (although it's more to do with the fact that my amp switches itself off and I won't always remember to switch off the Squeezebox too and it's streaming a radio station off the Internet), but with the timeout feature already there, it'd be great if it worked with just a bit more flexibility.